Fall Cleanse Day Retreat

Fall Cleanse with Lisa Schrempp

The Fall Season has arrived. Join me for a day of
switching gears into the Sharat ( fall ) season.

Many of our imbalances begin from a faulty routine and diet. During the shift of seasons when our external environment is in metamorphosis it is the best time to pay attention to our bodies, brains and daily patterns that we are constructing and questioning the continuance of them. It is recommended at the seasonal shift to enjoy seasonal purification and recreate our food and routine in compliance and harmony for the oncoming time.

I would like to invite you to enjoy this half day fall retreat to encourage
knowledge and the application of a healthy fall diet and routine.

Fall Cleanse RetreatHere’s what we will be doing

  • Retreating from our devices for the duration of the retreat.
  • Beginning and ending with a mediation and breath practice to let go of the unnecessary and entering into a clear open attentive space.
  • Learning how in the summer season what excesses we may find in body and mind and how to eliminate those with a short cleanse.
  • What to expect from the fall season and how to stay balanced in this upcoming season.
  • Learn some Ayurvedic basic practices for fall: Self Oil massage, Nasya, diet and recipes for Fall.
  • We will cook and eat the classic Kitchadhi with a focus for seasonal grains, beans, vegetables, oils and spices.
  • There will be three teas appropriate for the different constitutions and how to make the delicious “Golden Milk”, renown for reducing pains in the body and giving good sleep.

October 13, 2pm-6pm

Place: 7338 east Echo Lane, Scottsdale AZ, 85258

Cost: $125 – Reserve by October 7th

email Lisa –


To reserve your spot email our organizer Chris Latham,

Yoga Chikitsa


The mono-diet of the Ashtanga 1st series is called Yoga Chikitsa. This is a word in Ayurveda that translates as by whatever means develop the practitioners Prana, Tejas and Ojas. These three Sanskrit words indicate the vitality, awareness, and deep stability that occurs when a yoga practice accomplishes it’s goals. When Ashtanga yoga practice is developed through an understanding of the doshas (bodily energies) the practitioner has more understanding of the signals and the requirements that their body, mind, and being needs each day. The practice gets adjusted by the recognition of those needs and the same practice becomes a means to Svastah or being established in ones’ Self.

OCTOBER 7, 2018- @ Ashtanga Arizona 11am-1am, $30