Yoga Chikitsa

Movin’ March – Yoga Chikitsa

Starting from the beginning is a valuable technique to readjust our practice and how it makes us feel. The month of March will hold an opportunity to re-examine ,redefine and reshaper ourselves with the 1st series of Ashtanga Yoga. In order for our practice to generate peace and freedom we need to approach the asana practice with a contemplative understanding of the subtle art of pranayama, mudra, and bandha. Without this deeper penetration into the practice, asana can lead to injury and a mechanical, even competitive, approach. Join me with “beginners mind” to return Yoga Chikitsa as the name intends, to unveil the light and joy of our bodies and minds when our approach is free from demand, expectation and disappointment.

March 16, 2019

Surya Namaskar & Standing poses- the foundation. SamaVritta pranayama- Uddhiyana Bandha
March 23, 2019
Opening sequence of Yoga Chikitsa, seated postures. Balancing Left and Right channels of Prana. Anuloma pranayama and Mula Bandha
March 30, 2019
Focus will be on the open hearted practice of bending backwards. Using the previous two workshops to arrive at a supported open heart. Inversions are anti-aging. Hanging your organs upside down is one of the best ways to turn back the aging process and move into stillness.

AUTHENTIC YOGA- 7950 east Redfield Rd #170, Scottsdale
All classes 2 hours 10am-noon, $60 for the three or $25 per class.