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$40 Each Workshop

1st and 2nd Series Workshop with Lisa Schrempp

January 6th 2019 8am-11am Yoga Chikitsa in the lineage of the Jois family. Focus on Tristhana- 3 places of focus for the yogi to move toward purification and heightened calm awareness.

Ashtanga Yoga Arizona

January 20th, 2019 8am – 11am Nadi Shodhana

Cleansing of the subtle nervous system with an intelligent inquiry into the flow and rhythm of the intermediate series. How to practice these poses properly with breath and appropriate for our bodies as we find them on the mat.

Ashtanga Arizona, Lisa Schrempp

1st and 2nd Series Workshop with Lisa Schrempp

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Ashtanga Arizona Scottsdale Tucson Flagstaff


Winter Season & Ayurveda January 12, 2pm – 4pm $30

Lisa Schrempp

“Baby, It’s cold out there” – Even in Arizona the temperature drops from December 21st, beginning of Winter to the Spring Equinox, March 20th.Winter Solstice

In this two hour workshop we will learn what the natural cycles of nature are strengthening in our bodies, minds and spirits. What are the best foods, routines and activities that we can enjoy to produce a healthy harmonious winter? There will be a winter digestive and strengthening tea to taste and snack served with recipes for you to take home to your family.


10 Steps to a Nourishing Lifestyle January 19th Noon – 2pm, $30

Lisa Schrempp, 10 Steps to a Nourishing Lifestyle

Ayurveda offers a plethora of daily routines and rituals that can enhance our vibrant health. I will offer you 10 easy and even enjoyable practices that can create a routine that encourages an honest relationship with ourselves that supports the undeniable light and love in our world.



Private Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda Overnight Getaway
Enjoy multiple Ayurvedic therapies and nourishing foods away from home.
An overnight visit incorporates the Full Body ceremony, homemade nourishing meal and Golden Milk before bed. In the morning wake up to my own crafted recipe of Indian spiced Chai and a personal Yoga class before you head out. You will be calm, nourished and detoxed. $295

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Double Dip with Ayurveda & Yoga
Enjoy a half day retreat with a private yoga practice sculpted for your needs and time followed by a Full body Ceremony.
There is nothing like hitting the reset button with the practices of Ayurveda and Yoga.
4 hours $250

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personalize your Yoga
Yoga Private Time
Enjoy a start to personalize your Yoga. With 30 years experience of Yoga practices,
I am devoted to helping people find a practice that works for them. This can be an experience that can help you have a home practice or build on the one you have now. The class will start with questions and observations about where you are going with your practice, what you want from it, to give to it and how much time you have to dedicate yourself to on a daily basis. If you only have ten minutes a day for practice that is enough. This personalized help can transform your time to a timeless place that is waiting for you within the realm of Yoga.
90 minutes $85.
Package of 10 privates, $700

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Private Yoga