Ayurveda and Fall Season

Ashtange Paris

4 sessions: 48€ 1 session: 15€
This workshop will be taught in English through ZOOM


with Lisa Schrempp

Ayurveda is the science of life, a wholistic plan for optimal vitality which encourages developing an intimate relationship between Nature and our psychophysical-spiritual self. Fall season is dominated by wind which begins to cool things down after summer season. One of the big challenges with our external and internal environment at this powerful juncture is the quality of dryness. We can clearly see this by looking at how the green color of nature starts to dry and colors of red, brown and yellow dominate just like in the picture above. The qualities of Fall are dry, light, mobile, clear, rough, cold and subtle. These qualities will be increased in nature in the fall, in the weather and our bodies. Recognizing when a quality is excess in body and/or mind and then having tools to bring that energy into balance is practicing Ayurveda. Practicing Ayurveda is fun and always timely if we wish to have a relationship of mutual care with our planet and the beings we are interdependent with.
I will be teaching this transition in four sessions.

Tuesday September 8th – 7:30 – 8:30pm (Paris Time)

#1 Intro to Ayurveda- The Science of Longevity. What are the basic principals of this ancient preventative and natural healing system? That everything you are made of is reflected in your world and and everything out there is within you. Being able to recognize & experience this relationship with the external can educate us and foster skillful connections towards resonance and inter-being. Join to learn all about your many layers of interaction with nature and utilizing the wisdom of Ayurveda to find balance.

Tuesday September 15th – 7:30 – 8:30pm (Paris Time)

#2 A Daily Fall Routine – RITUCHARYA means seasonal discipline or a gentler version of the word is translated as seasonal routine. Sharat is the fall season and characterized by what is going on with the weather, the local harvest and the activities that this time of year presents. The keys are flexibility and awareness. Being prepared for whatever the winds may blow in is a great analogy for riding the up and downs of our lives. It never gets boring if we are open. The adaptability fall requests of us can sharpen our minds . Clarity in routine helps us to enjoy the elevated winds with calm and present energy.

Tuesday September 22nd – 7:30 – 8:30pm (Paris Time)

#3 Diet & Digestion- The harvest in fall may be slightly different depending on the habitat you are living in. Local harvest is one of the best ways to connect to the plants, veggies and fruits that are appropriate as much for the animals as for the humans where they live.
There are some great tips to adjust how we cook this harvest, that will help to create a healthy microbiome that will nourish and provide immunity from fall fallout!

Tuesday October 22nd – 7:30 – 8:30pm (Paris Time)

#4 Ashtanga Yoga practice with attention to the qualities of Fall. The wind can bring great benefit to our asana practice if we have the tools to balance the strong tendencies toward light, dry, cold, mobile, rough and clear. These qualities are elevated in the fall and they are the same as Vata Dosha . Vata Dosha is an energy which creates all movements within our being. The movements can create havoc or great peace depending on our ability to balance the rising wind. There are three main ways of creating a balanced practice. In this session we will get on our mats and experience these balancing techniques to calm the winds and elevate peace.